Diamond Polishing.

We polish for local miners for a commission, they don’t have to go to Johannesburg anymore which is 300km away to polish their diamonds. We polish excellent cut diamonds, customize/ personalise diamonds according to the way the client wants.

We also offer our clients the privilege to observe their diamonds being processed from planning cutting and polishing;

Evaluation of Rough Diamonds

There are no standard prices for rough diamonds. Each diamond is unique, also the yield from each rough diamond is unique. This requires a specific gemological knowledge as well as general expertise, structure analyzing about cutting during sorting.

Classification of rough jewellery diamonds and industrial diamondscan be achieved through Sorting by shape: octahedral, cubic, macle, and dodecahedron crystals, determining their ultimate form in the rough, Sorting by weight and size; Sorting by color, Sorting by distortions. Sorting by clarity, structure etc .

Analysing diamonds using computer aided cutting planner

These are computer-aided-design (CAD)software programs for creating gemstone cuts and analyzing the effect of cut on the appearance of the finished gemstone.

These computer programs and mathematical models use ray-tracing algorithms to produce visual images of gemstones or numerical data about their appearance, or both.

Selling of GIA and EGL certified diamonds

We sell GIA and EGL certified diamonds and that are conflict free and are mined in South Africa.

Our core function of the business is to buy rough diamonds polish them using the latest state of art equipment and to sell to jewelry manufactures and private individuals. We also promote a service whereby licensed private dealers provide us with their rough diamonds and we polish them for commission.

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